Q: Where can I download the contract and/or submit payment?
A: You may download the contract and/or submit payment on [
this page]

Q: Do you actually bring the Photobooth to events?
A: Yes!

Q: Do you just drop off the Photobooth at the event?
A: No,a D&L Photobooth staff member will stay with the booth throughout your event. We make sure everything is running smoothly and assist guests in using the booth. You do not need to worry about delivery, set up, operation, or take down.

Q: Do you have a sample photograph that we would get?
A: Yes! click

Q: Does the Photobooth print out photos immediately?
A: Yes. After your guests leave the Photobooth, their pictures will be ready in less than a minute. The prints are high resolution and look great!

Q: Is there a limit on the number of photos that can be taken during an event?
A: No, the number of photos is unlimited. We will take as many photos as we can during the scheduled time.

Q: What if I want more than one copy of the same photo? Can I get copies of all the photos from my event?
A: Not a problem. We can print two copies of each picture on the spot. However, this can somewhat slow down the entire picture-taking process. To optimize your Photobooth experience, all the photos from your event will be saved on a CD or DVD that you will receive at no extra cost. This includes all the individual poses and the four-pose Photobooth prints.

Q: How does the Photobooth provide favors for guests?
A: We can help turn photos into a memorable gift for your guests to take home at the end of your event. Each picture has space available for customization. We can design a personalized event logo, or use our standard text to customize this space. This service is free of charge.

Q: Is the Photobooth easy to use?
A: The Photobooth is very easy to use. A welcome screen tells you exactly what to do.  A viewing screen will give a 3-second countdown before 4 consecutive pictures are taken. In just over a minute later, your guests will receive a printout of their picture. And don't forget, your booth attendant is always there to answer any of your questions.

Q: How do I book the Photobooth?
A: We require a 50% deposit and a signed contract (sent to 222 Clark Drive, London, KY 40741) or paid online.

Q. How many hours can we have the Photobooth at our event?
A. Most any event can be successful with 3 to 6 hours of service. Our packages start at 3 hours of service. We start at 3 hours to give you the most for your money, we want to make sure all of your guests have time to take all the pictures they want. Outside of our packages, each additional hour of service is $50.00

Q: Do you accept credit cards?
A: Yes. We accept credit cards through PayPal.

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